Phison MPALL – 0x0027 IDBLK file Version check error

If, when using Phison’s production tool (MPALL) you encounter the following error:

IDBLK file Version check error 0x0027

this is what you have to do:

1. check your IDBLK_TIMING.dll’s version


2. add your version to your configuration

2.a manually: add a “[Customize Info]” section (if you don’t already have it) and on a new line: IDBlkLibrary_Version=X.X.X.X


2.b using the configuration tool

i. choose advanced setting


ii. go to “other setting” and add “[Customize Info] IDBlkLibrary_Version=″ to “Special setting”


Update: Sergio Silveira recomends using a new MPALL file: Phison MPALL v3.63.0C-DL17.rar (see comment)

3 thoughts on “Phison MPALL – 0x0027 IDBLK file Version check error

  1. THANK YOU! :)
    I see you have some additional settings compared to default (SetSecureHardDisk, Mapping , set1667), what are they for exactly?

    • Wow, you rock! Your version from your Dropbox worked for me on 16GB stick but the other version of MPALL wouldn’t. Thank you.

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