USB pendrive info – Toshiba Suruga 32GB (THNU32SIPBLACK)

Capacity: 29.1G
Device ID : VID = 0930 PID = 6545
Device SN : 0023242CA148EE1080004C2C
Device version : PMAP

Device vendor : TOSHIBA
Device model : TransMemory
Protocol : USB2.0
Max power : 200mA


Controller : Phison
Controller model: PS2251-67
Flash Vendor : Toshiba, Type: TLC, Process: 19nm, Page: 8K
Flash ID : 983AA892 Flash Part: TH58TEG8T2JBA4C
Score : 28 (Normal Score >= 30)
Firmware : 07.08.53 FW Date: 2012.07.12


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